Friday, June 24, 2016

Vintage globes, you just never know where you'll find em......

Keep your eyes open, on the globe hunt!

      Here is a great little find,  1939 Crams 10.5 inch globe,  it was in nice shape, no dents, good color, smaller, easily displayable size. Lots of history,   AND  it was only $15 bucks at a yard sale!!  You know the guy probably would have taken $10.

Keep your eyes open you just never know where you'll find a great vintage globe for next to nothing........

Hey wait a minute................that's my yard!!!    Who's selling off my collection!!  

***Update,  sadly I could not convince anyone to buy this gem, even for $10, and I was out there really trying, I would jump up like a fool and start singing the virtues of this globe if anybody even had a passing interest.   Wait a minute  do you think that's why it didn't sell ?  Fear not the sale continues tomorrow,  I will spawn another collector yet!! ***

***Update 2  Well I did sell this great little globe, a young guy was studying the geography, in my yard, and told me he wanted to teach is son how the world has changed. He seemed sincere, so $5 bought this globe, but perhaps a geography buff is born.....?

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