Tuesday, August 14, 2018

A few for th eBay hall of fame

OK,  now I'm on eBay looking for needles in haystacks everyday.  Lately I've noticed an uptick in listings that are so badly priced I just can't stand it.  So lets review a few

Ah.... one of my favorites the Frankenstein globe, you see up top we have a half way decent  early 20th century globe by Rand McNally, actually a very nice horizon band.  However it's paired to a completely wrong not original base. Hence my Frankenstein comment.  Oh and don't get me going on the price, could this seller possibly reached any further into outer space on that price?  

Here's another of my favorites, the only thing VERY RARE
( all caps) is the amount of chutzpah it took to actually call this thing rare, or dare to ask $400 for the privilege.  I do love the photos taken in the bathroom,  wow.......

Now I looked at all the pictures this globe is actually pretty nice, It's got some age,  a nice patina, and it's from a respected maker. Pretty nice would be $250 or perhaps $300 on a good day .  $800  " SALE"  is the price in dreamland, not eBay......

I guess I'll never understand,  do people list crap all day on eBay thinking,  hummm.... a rich sucker is going to find this listing and buy it...??   No.... No they are not because suckers don't have $500  they are broke..  so why bother!!
   also just because something is old does not make it valuable,

    Well I've been on my soapbox for this post, education is power.  I hope people starting out in globes find this blog before they fall for an awful auction like my hall of shame up above.   I guess I'll never understand this sort of thing.  If I were going to spend $500 on something that I didn't know too much about I'd spend a little time researching things first.   Anyhow I want to say that I'm far from perfect,  I've been " had" so to speak but I hate to see anyone derailed in a hobby I enjoy so much because of the wild west that is eBay.

As always lets discuss, and don't hesitate to contact me if you've got something to sell, or just want to know more about I'm happy to help.