Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Rare Black oceans Weber Costelo globe available, UPDATE: SOLD

    OK, I never do this but, I don't want this globe to go to someone who will not appreciate it's unique attributes.  Below I'm showing a 10 inch Weber Costello Black oceans globe.  This globe is much more uncommon than the 12 inch varieties. This particular one is from 1950

10 inch versions of Weber Costello's Black ocean globes come around once in a blue moon. This particular one is in exceptional condition also, not perfect but, you will be waiting a long time to find a better one.   They sold for just a bit less than their larger 12 inch counterpart so practicality said "buy the 12 inch" . That decision 75 years ago makes this little gem much more collectible than your standard Black Oceans globe.
     Normally I buy a globe then post about what I've found. Today I have not snatched this one up. You see This style of globe is not exactly my thing. I own one representative sample and that's all I need. However a lot of my readers love this style of globe and I want to share this great find. It is available for purchase at this link:10 inch Weber Costello globe

How awesome will this globe look in a Mid Century Modern interior, or maybe you're looking for that one thing that will put your look over the top, oh and this globe will hold it's value a lot better than anything you buy from Houzz, or PB, or Crate and Barrel...etc...etc...etc....

UPDATE:  SOLD:   It didn't take long for this particular Black Ocean beauty to find a new home, sold on 6/5/16.   I'm going to leave this post up for a little while just as a bit of an education about the unique variety that exists in the globe market.  Carolyn at Vintage Cals  ( the seller) told me she works very hard to find the better examples of mid century globes, including harder to find black ocean varieties.  If you love this globe well,  there are more of them out there. You just have to be patient to find a good one.
     A note to the new owner, way to go you scored a rare item!

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