Monday, July 20, 2020

Holbrook 3 inch globe update

.    A few months back I came into possession of a nice Holbrook 3 inch hinged globe.  It had a few minor issues and I was struggling to find a way to properly protect and display this small gem.  With the help of  The Green Dragon Bindery I was able to solve both problems.  In the picture below I have a wonderful clamshell box with a special insert designed to display the Holbrook globe 2 different ways.  The globe can sit in the  insert in the open position showing the flat map , or you can choose to display the globe in hemispheres on the cushioned display piece,  an ingenious solution to a difficult globe to display well,  when not on display it all closes up in a neat dust free protective package.

In the next couple photos I'm showing the small globe in its protective box,  the box itself is made from a repurposed World book encyclopedia, I love the new world book it's become! 

Holbrook hinged globes were a wonderfully utilitarian learning tool.  For that reason they survive today in generally poor condition.  I am fortunate to have found a nice survivor, and Green Dragon Bindery did a superb job conserving it and fixing a few small issues. It will now carry on another 100 years as a piece of American history.