Sunday, May 12, 2019

Spring cleaning

The old drafting table I use to display gets a full
once over as well
     Every spring,  and usually in the fall, I tear apart my globe room and clean,  clean,  clean.   I use this opportunity to dust all those hard to reach places, clean the windows, etc.   You know all the jobs you dread .     This also gives me a chance to inspect my globes one by one.  I look for dust and buildup primarily, but I also get a chance to inspect for anything else that might befall a collection that remains stationary 364.5 days of the year.

     The whole experience takes a few hours,  we don't have pets so I'm safe from the chance damage a curious pooch or a climbing kitty might cause.    I actually look forward to my cleaning days, it's a chance to commune with my collection, I'm surprisingly hands off most of the time.

Globes get scattered about, I pick a day when the
kids are in school, better safe than sorry

I want to mention that all of these pictures are on the dark side because I take great pains to keep a low light environment.  I use 3M window film to block UV light.  And I use LED lighting to minimize any indoor UV exposure,  this is just what museums are doing to keep their collections safe, besides it saves electricity and that's a good thing. 

I stage each globe for a more thorough cleaning

Everything back safe and sound, those windows are
BTW completely blacked out.