Thursday, August 25, 2016

Globe ephemera wanted.......!!!

Ok  I'm probably the only person your going to find who gets excited about these things, but that's alright, the rest of you just don't know what your missing,  and that's good for me!   I LOVE globe ephemera, that is items that accompanied globes or advertised globes, think trade cards ( I missed a killer trade card on eBay recently)  ads for globes, sales brochures, catalogs, globe manuals and all of those other paper items that went along with globes that all to often were just thrown out.
     Let me show a piece that did not get away :

 These photos are from a globe manual that accompanied the Rand McNally  Celestial globe and star finder.  A worthless booklet to 99.999% of the population , but priceless to those few persons who actually own the globe that this manual was originally paired with.  Would you beleive that this manual actually garnered a   " book review" in the journal of the Franklin institute in 1932 here is that link: Astronomy Made easy, book review   It is interesting to realize a bit of information from this review that is that Rand McNally introduced this line of celestial globes after a period of time when celestial globes had fallen out of favor. The review states that 4 versions of the 8 inch celestial globe and star finder were offered ranging in price from $12-$30.
     Well.... bottom line these tid bits such as this manual are important to collectors. I want to say that I am always looking for globe catalogs, manuals and advertising from major American globe makers such as Holbrook, Joslin, A. H. Andrews, Weber Costello, and of course Rand McNally if you have any of this material for sale please contact me directly and I think we could come to terms!

***UPDATE  8/30/16***   Just today I got my hands on an amazing little item, an original Rand McNally globe catalog from the early 1930's perhaps 1930 or 1931 here is a picture of the cover:

It's a great resource, some pages are even color, and it's interesting to see prices, and available items from that time period, for example they made a series of slated globes, but I've never seen one for sale.............humm..........

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Globes for sale, Heymann globe from about 1900, Rand McNally globe from about 1922

Hello fellow globe enthusiasts I rarely sell anything from my collection, but as my collection has evolved I find it necessary to once in a while sell an item that no longer fits my core.  Today I am offering 2 such items for sale a Ludwig Julius Heymann globe from about 1900 and a Rand McNally globe from about 1922.  I'll describe both in detail with pictures

1. Heymann globe:  This is a German globe printed about 1900   Sweden and Norway appear to be united, Congo Free state is in Africa.  The globe is in German and has a decidedly European look.  It's size is desirable at 19 cm ( almost 6 inches)  The geography presented on such a small globe is remarkably detailed, much more detailed than many 6 inch globes of the time. One great feature of this globe are the ocean currents prominently displayed very visually appealing. This was no doubt a student globe at the turn of the 20th century, what a remarkable survivor!   It is elegantly mounted on a wooden base, and offset at 23 degrees. It spins freely and is a substantial 17 inches tall.
     I really love this globe it is so elegant, it has such a presence on my bookshelf.  The wooden stand does have some wear to the finish, and there are some minor abrasions here and there on the map.  It is after all 116 years old, but over all a really nice presentation.  As I've mentioned before globes smaller than 12 inches in this case a near 6 inch orb are becoming exceptionally hard to find, in any shape let alone in as presentable a shape as this,  best hurry!!!

 Please review the pictures, if interested I will send along more pictures.  I'm asking $225 plus shipping  for this particular globe quite a bit less than many retail outlets would list this item for.  Just email me through the blog if interested .

2.  ***UPDATE SOLD***The next globe I'm offering for sale is a great Rand McNally 12 inch desk globe from about 1922. Central Australia is NOT yet present on this globe, and the boarders of Egypt are those of early 1920's  This is a vibrant and substantial globe that I've had in my collection for almost a decade.  The orb has no dents, scrapes, or cracks it is near pristine, the base is in the art Nouveau style ad is also in remarkable presentation. Truthfully you would be hard pressed to find a nicer example of this globe. It spins freely and stands about 22 inches tall the orb is 12 inches.
     In the interest of full disclosure, the shellac on this globe was professionally re-done and the brass finial was remade professionally, you would not have been able to tell had I not mentioned either, as both jobs were handled by globe experts.  That said it's the nicest example of this globe around.  I'm asking $375 plus shipping for this beauty MUCH below what a retail seller would ask.  Again see the pictures and email me with any questions ***UPDATE SOLD***

Although this great Rand McNally sphere is sold, the Heymann globe is still available,  a great smal globe that is getting harder to find