Thursday, January 29, 2015

The Miami International Map fair

     Boy, I wish I were going to the Miami International map fair...........the heck with the maps I'm in Buffalo NY and baby it's cold outside.  I need a winter break.  Well next year count me in. Anyway this is billed as the largest Map fair in the U.S. the dates for this years show are fast approaching they are February 5th through 8th 2015. This is the 22nd year of this fair and it draws dealers from all over the United States, but also from Europe as well.  Here is the link: Miami Map fair
      Now 98% of everything on display at this fair is not a globe, but that's OK because 2% will be globes, compared to any random antique market this is huge, plus what a great place to network with other collectors and dealers in our field.
     I've been thinking about maps a lot lately.  Realistically obtainng any globe made before 1850 or so is a difficult exercise, they just are so few and far between, not so of maps.  Would it not be a great introduction to a globe collection to also have a nice example of a world map from say 1800 ( suprisingly affordable) or even 1700 ( pricey but not entirely out of reach)  A globe collector that ignores maps would be foolish, there are always wonderful opprutunities to augement your collection with a carefully chosen map.

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