Thursday, January 15, 2015

A personal globe most wanted list........

     I want to write down, and publish a most wanted list of globes etc that I am on the lookout for.
This is a personal list and from time to time I'm going to amend it. This list is personal and should by no means be looked at as a collector guide, or a " what to collect list"  it is just a running tally of what I'm looking for. Many of the globes on this list are difficult to find in any condition let alone finding an example in exceptional condition.

1. A Wilson globe, terrestrial, any size 3, 9, 13 inches, I'd say the keystone for any American globe collection!

2. H.A Andrews globe, 8 inch, offset mounted on wooden base

3. A Trippensee tellurian, pre 1930 preferred, I missed the best one ever on eBay last year, the seller was in my backyard and I was just too hesitant.  Ah regrets......

4. Rand McNally 3 inch globe, with the metal base, to compliment the glass base!

5. A Holbrook hinged globe, actually any Holbrook globe would be special

6. A pocket globe, I've had some good opportunities to acquire one but never pulled the trigger so to speak

7. A chalkboard globe, I saw a Weber Costello one once, in horrible condition, they seem hard to find in nice original condition

8 A Joslin celestial 12 inch, I know they made them I've never  seen one for sale in any kind of acceptable condition

9. Weber Costello black ocean, airplane base,  easy to find right?.... still lookin.....

     I've had this list sitting on the back burner for months, thinking should I publish.....should I not?......
I hesitate and over think a lot of things  ( you should see me when it's time to get a new car )  Sometimes this works to my benefit, sometimes not.  I have had good chances to acquire  everything on this list except numbers 7, and 8.  I love lists, jotting things down and organizing things gives me a clear path, but veering off the path is often when the best " finds" are made!  Of course the hunt for the next great globe often does not follow a list, in fact I'm right now in the middle of a hunt for somthing that I did not even have on my radar a week ago.  What is it?  Well you will know if I'm successful and it will be my little secret if I'm not.

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