Monday, December 13, 2021

A J Nystrom globe, 8 inch masterpiece

I have a great globe and great story to close out this year. I was lucky enough to add a globe that has eluded me for quite sone time . A J Nystrom 8 inch globe , 1928. This beauty features the extremly color rich gores from W&AK Johnston of Edinburough, quite a unique color ssheme for the 1920's.
This globe is not necessarily uncommon, what is uncommon is finding this globe in a "full mount" style, and in excellent original condition. Anyone who's read this blog in the past will know I'm a condition nut. I beleive as I collect that quality over quantity should win the day. This little gem fits the bill. I would be hard pressed to find a nicer example of any full mount 8 inch globe from the 1920's ! Needless to say I'm really excited to add this to my collection. This orb is the same one that is often seen in "Kittinger" globes of the same time period, all Kittinger did was take these globe orbs, re- label them and put them in their wooden stands. the maps and meridian ring, and horizon band are all Johnston/ Nystrom. This globe rests on a very attractive lion paw tripod stand , it is cast iron with a copper wash, very common for the period, and nicely executed in this globe here:
Below I want to share a picture of the Horizon band, this is the exact same horizon band used on Weber Costello globes of the time, certainly suggesting that Nystrom was in the business of farming out much of their globe production, in fact the meridian ring is also identical to other Weber costello products of the time.
So I promised a story, about how I came to find this gem. Most of the time I find my best globes on ebay, but the past year or so I've noticed a definate migration away from ebay. Several great leads have happened through this website as people contact me. This globe came via facebook, on a map and globe group. It was great to have all of the pieces come together. I was able to make a deal and shipping was quick because as buyer and seller we didn't live all that far from each other. Pro tip, The UPS store does an excellent job packing and shipping delicate items, this is the third such item that has been packaged through them always with safe and secure results.
I have mentioned before that eight inch globes in my opinion are more desirable from a collecting standpoint that 12 inch globes, mostly for the relative scarcity of them as compared to larger globes. They are also the smallest globes that were available in a " full mount" configuration. The eight inch size just has excellent proportions that really show the art and science that make old globes so much fun to collect. Finally I will leave you with a picture of 3 8 inch globes from my collection Rand McNally, Nystrom, and Weber Costello. All from Chicago, all also produced between 1925-30. Notice the variation in the tripod bases each company putting their own spin on a classic design. The globes from 1920-35 are really the last of the American globes manufactured with traditional materials of plaster, wood, metal and paper. In the years following the manufacturing process took a decidedly cost concious turn and price beat out quality in the globe world.
As always please dont hesitate to contact me if you have a globe question or have a globe for sale.


  1. I bought a twelve-inch Johnston-Nystrom (same stand, same colors, same condition except for an ocean slice) from an Englishman via Craigslist (so, not far away either). I'll beg to differ with you about globe size, as clearly detail suffers with smaller sizes, and I'm after detail, man. I came to globes from maps, and the history in detail is what thrills me. Just as the names on globes is fascinating (St. Petersburg or Leningrad or ? Congo Free State or Belgian Congo?) And that is also why I have a strong bias for 19th century globes. Yes, they are expensive, but the history...

  2. Good morning Kyle. My name is Lori and although I am not a collector of globes I have had a globe in my possession that I had never really consideread selling until recent. The only one that I can find on the internet that matches exact is a 1932 16 inch replogle terrestrial globe with walnut floor stand. I am not certain of its value as the one on the internet is priced so high 22000. Unfortunately globe collectors in my area RI are far and few between. I was wondering if u had any suggestions on how I could go about selling it and not getting bamboozled. You spoke of condition. The plug end this yeR just got chewed off. Needless to say I was not happy.Thank God nothing else was damaged. Prior to thT it lit up fine with no noticeable demarcations in the globe itself. There is on the floor stand a compass which appears made of some kind of paper that has 1/2 inch or less tear. Other than that this globe appears to the ignorant eye in great condition. I was wondering your thoughts