Sunday, May 23, 2021

A very early A J Nystrom globe

      Happy spring!   I want to share an interesting item to come my way not long ago.   This is a very early A J Nystrom 8 inch globe that dates from 1906 or so.    The map gores are from W&AK Johnston and show the charesteric excellent color of that manufacture. 

     A J Nystrom of Chicago became the sole US distributor of Johnston orbs in 1904, this globe still      features "Indian Territory" in present day Oklahoma which would place this globe as earlier than 1908. 
  Here we've got an 8 inch example of the Nystrom/ Johnston partnership from the earliest time in their alliance.   This is the earliest Nystrom globe I have ever encountered, pictured here with the globe manual that could have been purchased with this globe .  The globe is mounted on a very early bronzed tripod stand, the very earliest version of what would become the ubiquitous clawfoot tripod that was popular for decades in the between war years.   This globe still features the pre WW1 geography, even remnants of empires still exist!   
      The pandemic has affected the antiques market in several ways that has certainly impacted how and at what cost antiques come to market.  Most obviously good things are going up,  in some cases way up.  Seems the top 10% of quality in most categories including globes is moving high right now.  Buying quality condition is more important than ever!   I hope you enjoy the post and as always ask questions, and email me directly if you've got something great to sell or trade,

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