Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Hammond's celestial globe upgrade, a look at one of the most important parts of collecting

     Upgrading a collection is something that gets only passing coverage ,  this post hopes to change that.    If you've been collecting anything for a while then you know that sometimes you've got to buy a better example of something you already have and sell the other item in order to upgrade,   without this selling you run the risk of becoming a hoarder !    This is the tale of one such upgrade.
     Months ago I purchased this very nice Hammond's celestial globe:

     I was happy and content,  these globes are not easy to find and are usually not in as nice a shape,   I was happy until last week that is when I was cursing Ebay and I discovered this:
     This is the same globe,  but in a more desirable mount, and with slightly better original color,  so I knew I had to UPGRADE.    This is a great example of an upgrade situation.  These is a clear betterment, and the other globe being redundant is best sold and moved into someone else collection for them to enjoy.    This new Hammond's globe condition wise is excellent,  as is the condition of the one it will replace.  The horizon band is a nice touch,  had this globe not come along or had the price been ridiculous I could have just as easily not bought it and been content.  
      However the right place at the right time situation worked out and I was able to make the switch.  Here is another shot of the globe:

     Celestial globes in my mind deserve attention as perfect companions to any terrestrial globe in a collection.  American globe makers made some of the most stunning celestial globes in the world over the past 200 years, below Ive got a picture of 3 of my favorite globes from 1880-1950, all celestial and all beautiful.  Interesting to see how over time cost pressure demanded that things get less ornate and more utilitarian over time.

Left to right: 1880 Andrews, 1930 Rand McNally, and 1950 Hammond's

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  1. Hi there,
    I have very similar globe and was wondering if you knew how to remove/replace the globe inside the meridian?
    Looks like copper pins that need to be pushed out from a small recess in the keeper hole, but I don't want to break the plaster.
    Any thoughts or experience?