Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Laing's Planetarium practically free on eBay.......... or, knowledge is power with antiques

     A few weeks back a great deal,  a steal of a deal really, turned up on eBay.  a Laing's Planetarium surfaced, in exceptional original preservation with a BIN price of $129.00   not a typo,  $129 !!
    How did this long did the auction last?  Well I suspect in the eBay universe these type of deals crop up all the time, and the BIN was snatched up a mere 2 minutes after listing.   It is all to common for unknowing sellers to stick an inflated price on their merchandise that's 99.9% of the time.  Once in a great while something is listed way too low, this is the tale of one of those cases.
      Here is the link to the item in question:  Too good to be true planetarium, but it was!!
follow this link as long as it remains active and study all of the pictures, conservatively had this auction ran it might have brought $2000, below is a screen shot of the action:

     This planetarium is in great shape with all of the major parts present and accounted for, some new string is in order but that's no big thing.   it just goes to show that knowledge is power in the  world of antiques, as well as great timing!  For the record, I missed this auction, it was over in a flash. I was alerted to it's existence by a fellow globe hunter.  This auction is EXACTLY why I love eBay so much.  You just never know, that wild west element in action!
      Are you the lucky bidder...? Drop me a line I'd love to chat.  As always comment and discuss below.

***update:  7/18/17 I've been having some discussion with some people in the globe community who are casting a bit of doubt on this eBay sale,  nothing concrete just anecdotal.  Was this one too good to be true? We may never know for sure.***

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  1. My brother in law found one of these this weeks dated 1891 ish in great shape. He will be selling it to the highest bidder