Tuesday, April 11, 2017

A globe display at my local library

     This month at my local library I was given the chance to setup a display of some of my globe collection.  I filled two glass cabinets with an interesting mix of small globes and related ephemera.
    The whole month of April people will be able to learn a bit about the history of globes.  Riveting stuff to be sure, will anyone even care....?  Well perhaps I will spark just one persons' interest in collecting. Besides what good is a collection if it sits collecting dust in a dark closet.  These items are meant to be shared,  thats my opinion anyhow.  So check out my pics and tell me what you think.  Quite a fun project to participate in and all positive feedback so far !   Space limitations allowed for only about a dozen or so smaller globes but this representative sample spanned over 100 years of globe manufacture from 1846 to 1950 .

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