Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Updated globe most wanted list

    I want to share a list with pictures of 4 globes that have so far eluded me.   I'm going to include pictures when available.  As they say a picture is worth 1000 words! Admittedly the globes listed below are tough to find.   All pictures provided below are my own or publicly accessible examples used by me with permission.

1.   Holbrook 3 inch  or 5 inch hinged globe,  Both sizes were manufactured, below is a picture of the       3 inch version, Schedler, and Andrews also made hinged school globes. I think a hinged school globe is a must in telling the story of the globe in America

2.  Andrews terrestrial globe,  I'm looking for one very nice example of an Andrews terrestrial globe either full mount, or offset mounted,  8 inch,  3 inch,  or 12 inch  just looking for one really nice example  below I have a picture of a nice 8 inch offset mounted Andrews. I missed the perfect one a few months back on eBay but it went to a good home of another collector.......the hunt continues
     ****update 7/18/17:  I was able to add an exceptional example of the AH Andrews companies work to my collection a superb 8 inch example ***

3.  Trippensee tellurion,  You know they come and go all the time on eBay but I just have not found the right mix of age and condition, I'm looking for a wood and brass one probably pre 1935. I'll share a picture below. I'd ideally want the original box and the instruction manual also.  I'm not asking for a lot .......am I .......?
4. A Fitz globe, The most prominent female globe maker , more at this link: Ellen Eliza Fitz, the Fitz globes are a hard to find item, harder still in presentable condition, I've had few if any chances but time is on my side.... I have recently obtained an original Fitz globe manual, printed 1878, I just need the globe to go with it!

I  make this list as part advertisement, certainly but also as an exercise in focus for myself. Keep your eyes on the prize and all.  However if you have or know someone with one of these four beauties who wants to sell, or maybe trade....??  let me know just drop me an email. 


  1. Kyle,I have a Fitz, been in the family since new from old family home , in Cohasset, Mass on Bournes rock call 838 524 9188 Dana Stoddard