Monday, December 5, 2016

Some great globe related reading

     One of the goals of this site when I set out to start blogging was to try and bring together as much globe related information as I could. In this post I want to catalog some great links to articles and other works that are important to the history of globes in America.  To that end I'll start my list, I will periodically add, and occasionally subtract so come back and re check the list from time to time,  here are a few great links I've found, please drop me a line if you find anything great that should be shared here.

1.  Great article about James Wilson,   This is a great historical look at Mr. Wilson and his quest to make the first globes in America.

2.Restoring a Wilson globe , behind the scenes,  This is a fascinating look at the restoration of an 1811 James Wilson globe including 16 pictures of the process

3.The Osher Map Library's 3d globe project,  Now this is exciting, and this link is only a preview.  The Osher Map library in Portland Maine is digitizing in a 3d format all of their globe collection, some 300 pieces in all.  When this project is complete I will update this link!

4. Murray Hudson James Wilson globes 1831 This is a video produced by Murray Hudson a few years back. Focusing on James Wilson and a pair of 1831 globes. I had the pleasure of visiting Mr Hudson's stores ( he has 3) in Halls TN a couple of years back.  If you go know that it is a treck, and make an appointment before hand.  Other than that it is exceptionally well worth it.

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