Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Globes in London, ..... even when I'm vacationing I see globes......

     I was fortunate enough to be a vacationer in London earlier this past month and of course I'm always on the lookout for globes,  well globes just have a way of finding me below I'll share a few of my run ins of the cartographic sense.

1. Stanfords, Covent Garden:  This lovely store was spotted by my wife as we were walking by, she stops abruptly and announces" well we have to go in here!"  What a great place, Stanfords is a store that sells everything map, travel, and globe related, it is a great place to browse and buy anything cartographic, and current. Here are a sampling of the globes on display, all new and accurate, certainly a great place to spend a few minutes just looking around.
2.  The Museum of London:   What a great but I suspect sometimes overlooked museum in London.  Very near to St Paul's Cathedral.  This museum traces London's growth and change through the ages.  It also provided me with an up close and personal globe experience. 

Both of these globes were on display as examples of London's manufacturing advancement in the late 18th century, a Newton pocket globe and a larger Newton library globe captivated visitors.

3. Finally the British Library had some awesome treasures of a cartographic nature, both maps and globes were displayed, but the real excitement happens in November 2016.  A new exhibit opens that promises to bring some of the gems of their collection to the forefront.  Here is a photo of the ad for that coming attraction........

     I want to close this post by saying that I appreciate your patience with me as I did go longer than I would have liked between posts.  I never like to let more than 4 weeks lapse without a post but sometimes life has other plans.  As always lets discuss,  and don't forget to sign up as a blog follower in the right sidebar!!

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