Friday, July 29, 2016

Great antiquing can still be found in Lancaster PA

     This past week had me out on the antiques trail in Lancaster Pennsylvania. What a beautiful place to visit, yes thay are famous for the Amish but they are also a hotbed of antiques.  All along route 272 between Denver and Adamstown PA there are a string of great places to find great antiques still.  I suppose being an easy drive from Washington, Baltimore and Philadelphia helps the flow of good merchandise as well as the monied buyers necessary to keep brick and mortar shops open.  A great experience that is getting harder and harder to find in the US and I suspect harder to find in many other places also.  A tip to would be hunters, Adamstown PA runs 3 weeks of what they call Extravaganzas the last full weekends of April, June, and September.  If you can hit this area during one of those weeks for even more variety !
     I want to share some globe highlights,  some real treasures were seen, none purchased  but that means they are there for you...!!

Above a rare globe toy and original box, above left a very nice if over priced Trippensee Tellurian. The tag says 1930's but the electric cord says 1960's.  Buyer beware on the antiques hunt
   On the left a real gem a pre 1900 Rand McNally 6 inch globe, the orb was in exceptional preservation, and a decent find at $380

On to another venue where I spotted this mid 1920's  French globe. Priced at $575 I was told that a 20% price flexibility was not out of the question, The orb was in nice shape and if you are looking for that quintessentially French globe then it would be hard to beat this one.

I love this shot, below none of these globes is particularly special, but this dealer obviously could not pass up a globe when they saw one, or a cocktail shaker for that matter!

Last but not least I want to air a grievance I have against the antiques industry, below I show you a Replogle globe game, with none of the original pieces and a nice but no where near perfect globe.  This thing is priced as if it is all there, and in much better condition.  It would be like selling a vintage Monopoly set but all of the money, and chance cards were missing.  How much is 1/4 of a game set worth?  well $110 apparently.  If you're going to charge over $100 for something isn't it worth the time to at least Google it......?

    I love getting out and seeing antiques close up, the internet is really a double eadged sword.  Antiques become more accessable, but at the expense of traditional shops where you can put your hands on the goods.  Such is life in the Amazon age.....


  1. Looking to sell a Cartocraft Physical Political 24" floor stand 1962 globe any suggestions? Thanks

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