Friday, May 13, 2016

P.S. A little globe item I practacally stole on eBay

     I love casting a wide net when I search for items on eBay. You just never know when something unexpected is going to pop up.  Well that's exactly what happened last week I was scanning some of my usual searches and a great little globe manual was sitting there waiting.
     Weber Costello published this globe manual way back in 1909 meant for teachers it is about 70 pages on how to use a globe effectively as a teaching tool.   This little diddy set me back a whole $3  I mean how can you go wrong I love ephemera for just this reason. Value of many of these items is in the eye of the beholder.
An item like this helps you fill in the blanks when you own an old globe, it puts the item back in it's original context. Certainly worth $3  much more in my mind.  It's funny you could go years without a copy of this manual appearing for sale, but not a week after I purchased this one, another showed up and a lucky ebayer scored that one for only $5 another great bargain. but really only a bargain to a collector of globes. 

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