Monday, April 18, 2016

Where have all the good globes gone, or the globe collector market part 3

    The search for globes ( good collector quality globes ). Is a long arduous process most of the time.   There are times that I will go months on end without finding anything really special in the market.  And I'll tell ya I cast a wide net between traditional auctions, eBay, and other online forums if there is an exceptional globe to be had I've probably at least crossed its path.  I don't buy that often this is true but that does not mean I'm not at least looking.   I'd love to buy more but 2 kids and car maintenance get in the way sometimes.............maybe if I sell the car......?
     OK seriously the past few weeks on eBay have been an amazing place for the globe hunter.  At the beginning of the month we saw the rarest of the rare a James Wilson globe dated 1811 hit eBay.   In the globe world that is the equivalent of an authentic Van Gogh painting being listed  ( OK I exaggerate but you get my point). Wilson started making globes in 1810 and this being an 1811 is as old an American globe your EVER going to see for sale, 205 years old  for an American globe WOW.      Well anyhow it was as to be expected in less than pristine shape,  but the seller was very smart they had this globe evaluated at Green Dragon Bindery and even included a fix estimate for perspective bidders.   This globe sold for $3000 garnering only one bid, here is the link: James Wilson 1811 eBay listing  I admit I saw this auction too late to react.  In retrospect this may turn out to have been the globe find of the year! No exaggeration . After the fix the new buyer will have $6000 into a 200 year old Wilson globe and it will be worth every penny times two.  All I can say is bravo to the new owner you saw what others did not!
     That alone would have made this a stellar month for globe finds but the eBay fun did not stop there. Three auctions all ending within 24 hours of each other between April 16th and 17th have made this an unbelievable month for great globes.  First up we had a New old stock Replogle Global Air race game  This great set was Mint in the box from 1952 bidding was spirited and the globe game reached a respectable sum, but think about it how many new in the box games are there ever going to be to find?  A nice globe to have bought.
     This past weekend also saw one of the nicest Geographic Educator Puzzle globe  I have ever seen  I featured this globe last year  in a post. Made for only 2 years before the company folded this is a must have for a serious globe collector.  This example Is in excellent condition, with only one puzzle piece missing. I've got to get on the hunt for the missing piece because I was the lucky high bidder on this great globe!
     Finally a true rarity in the globe world came up Saturday the 16th A Schedler Hinged school globe  Bidding was predictably intense with this item, and deservedly so. Although not perfect an excellent example of a truly hard to find globe.  Try as I might I did not compete for this great item,  a regret I'm sure but that's just fine.  You can't bid on everything................
     I did not even mention some of the other great globes, and planetariums that have snuck onto and off of eBay so far this April there have been other gems for sure.  I can't remember the last time that there was this much available in such a short period of time. It's nice to see that the good stuff is not all gone.  Sometimes I'll go months without seeing one thing that peaks my interest.   EBay is certainly a cruel mistress in that way.....
     I've linked to all relevent auctions, at some point these links will die and this post will loose it's meaning, but until then study these globes study the auctions great things are always waiting to be found you just need to know where to look.

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