Thursday, January 21, 2016

The Conservation Cover for globes. Now available on Etsy

     For several months now I've been working to perfect a product, an invention actually, that as a globe collector I found lacking in the marketplace.    This custom designed cover is specifically designed as a cover to protect your antique globe from the damaging effects of dust, sun, and other environmental hazards.
     Just like classic car collectors use specialized covers to protect their investment the Conservation cover is perfect for someone wanting to protect that one exceptional globe ( or 2..3..4....) from this whole range of assaults.
     100% cotton, and specially lined to be scratch proof yet allow air to circulate, also ph neutral!  Handmade in America,  special sizes available   Check out the link below for more information

     Now available to purchase:    The Conservation Cover for globes

Exclusively available on Etsy here:

Buy the Conservation cover here

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