Thursday, December 3, 2015

The Conservation Cover, A new way to protect your antique and vintage globes

     The A. H. Andrews globe catalog from 1882 references that all library globes 12 inches and larger sold are " furnished with a neat rubber cover" they explained that "it is well to cover globes when not in use to keep colors from fading and protect from dust"  No doubt Andrews shipped thousands of globes and covers over the years but I've never seen a globe cover survive. Rubber? what a peculiar choice of material.  But they had it absolutely correct back in 1882 what if there were a cover for your antique globe that could safely protect all variants of 12 inch globes from offset mounts, to full mounts?
     Well seen in this picture is just that it's called "The Conservation Cover"  and it's soon to be available to protect your antique or vintage globe.  It's a 2 layer all natural fabric system that protects, and is safe when in contact with even the most delicate paper surfaces.  
    Advantages of    The Conservation Cover  include:
-Dust blocking
-Light blocking
-specifically tailored for globes
-scratch proof lined
-100% natural cotton, breathable

Hidden under The cover is a very nice 1890 Joslin Full mount 12 inch table globe.....interested?
well check back on this blog soon for more information about availability of this new product specifically designed by a globe collector, for other globe collectors

as always happy hunting..................


  1. Hi new to this blog. I found what looks like a very old globe in a stand at an antique store. It is in deteriorating condition, but not too bad. It is a map of the old world era- the days of Columbus. It appears to be in Latin, and the zodiac is around the globe as part of the stand. It appears to be hand painted by the way the paint is chipping off, like an old classic painting. The zodiac appears to be painted on paper and is peeling. I am attaching pics to try to date it. I'm sure it's not made in 1497 as the date suggests. Would appreciate any help from the globe collecting community! Thanks! How can I upload pics here? It won't let me drop them in?

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