Saturday, July 25, 2015

A quick update post

      Summertime is short where I live, It's been a while since I posted but this time of year it's just too hard to sit indoors and concentrate, but fear not loyal reader I have a couple of great posts coming up soon.
     I'm taking a trip to Washington DC to visit the Library of Congress and view their extensive collection of globes, and globe related items, including un mounted gores from some of America's greatest globe makers.   Expect to see an update in about a week or so.

until then enjoy summer like I am and happy hunting!

I'm always on the hunt when I travel, I swung into a great antique co-op in Pennsylvania during a recent road trip, and this great school map was waiting for me. Way out of my comfort zone but it was just too good to pass up and a bargin I think at $75 !
It's not terribly old ( 1960 )  the reverse has a map of the world, the frame allows for easy display of either side.

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