Monday, March 23, 2015

An unbeleiveable globe at the Buffalo Museum of Science

     My local science museum, The Buffalo Museum of Science, is one of those places that both a child and a parent can get lost in for hours, fun for all ages.
     My son and I were mesmerized by an exhibit involving a globe,  not an antique globe but a wonderfully interactive globe. This globe was huge about 3 feet in diameter and it was essentially a projector using a computer touch screen the user can change the map on the globe into hundreds of different variations.  What do I mean?  Well this globe can show population density, shipping routes, forested areas, even face book friendships!  Most intriguing to me was the projections of antique maps onto the globe, see my pictures below.
     We concentrate on antique globes , and sometimes it's easy to forget that a globe is still very useful as a tool. This giant globe really takes the usefulness of the globe in another direction.  I'll tell you this if you've got young kids there is nothing more interactive than a nice globe to explore the world in a hands on way.

     Not forgetting the old globes, like a bloodhound I sniffed out an interesting old globe on display also. This one I was not familiar with, the pictures below show a Uniclock Globe.   This interesting clock/ globe was manufactured by the  Universal clock and globe company of Wilmington Delaware
I can't seem to find too much about them but interesting nonetheless! 


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