Tuesday, October 7, 2014

My globe collection has gone electric

Notice the Art deco influenced base
   Boy I just love cheesy titles, I can't help it.  I'm sharing a couple of photos of a really nice globe that I just had the pleasure of adding to my collection, it's a 1949 Replogle illuminated globe 10 inch diameter, with a great machine age deco base.  A near identical globe was featured in my recent post about illuminated globes. Is it as flashy as a Crams atlas globe? Or even the Crams sea serpent globe? No it is not but that's ok it's simple elegant and understated. It came to me from Omniterrum via eBay, a last minute decision to bid, and lucky for me I won the auction ( I'm always shocked when this happens because I bid on and loose far more globes than I win)
1949 Replogle illuminated globe

 The condition of this globe is excellent, the map is intact, with very few surface blemishes, the base, and half meridian are intact and blemish free. The electrical component is in great shape.  A good piece of advice have the electric checked out. I happen to have an electrician within easy reach, and it being a 60 plus year old appliance it should be looked at by someone who knows their stuff.  All in all a great globe for my collection, probably the only illuminated globe I'll buy. None the less these are important globes to have if one hopes to tell the complete tale of the American globe. As I might have mentioned in an earlier post these great globes were produced into the fifties, at the end they switched to plastic from glass to save money, you know when companies make moves like that it's soon lights out.  ( did I just write that...?)
      I'll tell you when that bulb burns out it's going to be a royal pain changing it, the procedure is tedious, and fraught with risk of damage to the globe itself. I'd imagine many of these globes met their death during the changing of the bulb!
     I know collectors that focus near exclusively on illuminated globes, and to them I want to say, now I get it. They have a warmth and charm all their own and they certainly reflect a moment in our history.
     You know something, the night I bought this globe, I also bought another globe on eBay, a 12 inch Weber Costello Peerles black ocean, that one is coming from Hawaii so I have a bit of a wait...... amazing how finding globes goes. I could go months or even a year without a purchase then all of a sudden things hit the market and great items are available. You just never know.

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