Wednesday, August 20, 2014

A look at the current market for Antique globes: James Wilson thirteen inch globe

     I want to start a recurring post where I look at the current state of the market for antique globes, I think a few times a year I will bring a link to a globe that sold at auction and will editorialize a bit:

so here it is:   Wilson's New American Thirteen inch globe, 1835

This wonderful example of a Wilson globe sold  June 24/25th  in New York at the venerable Christies Auction house, the price $3250 included the buyers premium.  Please click the link, and please scrutinize the picture, I wish that there was a second picture of the other hemispheres, but for the sake of our conversation let's assume that the globe was in equally nice shape all around.
     Now this is an American globe from the very beginning of globe production in this country, yes there are earlier Wilson globes, but there are also later ones as well. This piece seems to be in nice untouched/ unrestored condition, A full mount in Wilson's largest size 13 inches, makes this one of the most desirable globes for a collector of American globes.
     So what about the price?  Well I would love to have seen more pictures, but if the one picture available represents the globe properly then I think the price paid was a good one, very fair.  I've seen these globes for sale at the retail level for much higher.
     I should close this post with a bit of truth, I did not know about this auction when it occurred, I am lax in checking the listings of the big auction houses, but I think I'm going to start getting better in the future.  Skinner in Boston, and Christies NY do have globes come up for sale on a fairly regular basis. I like most people associate these places with million dollar art and antiques, and yes that is their stock in trade, but they do sell many items that are much more accessible.
     You may ask is $3250 accessible?  Yes if you're in the hunt for a Wilson globe, this is a very doable proposition.  I've been asking myself would I have tried to acquire this globe, hind sight tells me yes I would have liked o be in the mix.

On a closing note: to the purchaser of this globe, whomever you are congratulations, and well done!!

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