Sunday, March 30, 2014

The importance of condition: 1925 Hammond full mount globe

 I want to share a group of pictures of a globe that shows how great condition can add to the rarity of a globe. This is a 1925 Hammond 12 inch full mount globe the actual globe was made by the great Chicago globe maker Weber Costello, then sold and over labeled by Hammond.  This model could have been a  school globe, or a globe sold for home.  Twelve inch table globes were and are the most popular size globes sold. this model is complete with a wooden horizon ring displaying months, and zodiac signs, also a full meridian displaying degrees of longitude.  So when I speak of a " full mount globe"  this is it, all of these parts.
     Lets talk condition, this globe is complete, no repairs, it still retains sharp color, the original shellac is barely aged at all, and everything made of paper is still intact, and not dirty.  The metal base retains it's copper finish, there is no rust, even the screws holding everything together are original.  Finally the red and blue isothermal lines on the globe itself are still intact, these are often faded to the point of non existence.
     This globe for 89 years old is in absolutely exceptional preservation, a nicer example will probably be very hard to find, I paid a hefty premium when purchasing this globe because of condition. A hard to find globe became much rarer due to condition.

Please enjoy the pictures, Please comment, discuss, or criticize,  I welcome it all!!

    I want to make one last point about condition, all things being equal Original always tops restored, or repaired. The holy grail for a serious globe collector is to find an old globe in exceptional original condition, a globe that meets that metric will always be more desirable than a restored example of the same globe.  The same can be said for cleaning, all too often a great antique is over cleaned and sometimes actual value is washed away with the cleaning. Only attempt cleaning if you really know what you are doing or you have hired an expert to help. There are professional conservators out there who will take on the task of properly cleaning a paper object such as a globe.  On rare occasion this is warranted, but most times it's best to leave things alone.    Happy hunting......

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