Thursday, May 11, 2017

Featured for sale 1931 Weber Costello 7 inch globe..............A seven inch globe ....really!!

     In this next installment of "Featured for sale"   I want to spotlight an unusual item, a Weber Costello 7 inch globe.  I've done my research and I'll tell you the 7 inch globe is a very unusual size. Probably done as a money saver over the 8 inch size as this globe is made at the start of the great depression.   Let me tell you why I like it.  Firstly the unusual size is appealing, secondly the mounting is simple, yet substantial, and finally it's in great condition.  I better be careful or I'll talk myself into buying this.  This globe is offered by Upstarts, a highly respected globe seller on Etsy, follow this link to learn more  about this globe, and purchase:  A killer Weber Costello 7 inch globe !    OK there you have it standing only 11 inches tall you will be hard pressed to find a nicer 7 inch globe out there.   Priced at $267 I would consider this a globe for an adventurous early collector, or for a mid range collector who wants a more unusual globe, also as small globes are hot and getting hotter this is a solid item worth your consideration.  I'll admit I need to research this unusual 7 inch size some more, more than likely it was a size introduced for only a few years.
     Remember, I will feature a great collection worthy globe from time to time on this blog with rarity, and condition, and general value being my criteria,  happy hunting!

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